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Transform your life of conflict, fear and struggle

Stop the Blame, Shame, and Guilt Game
Live Life Without Compromising Your Spiritual Values

Respond appropriately to events without losing your inner peace

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What you will learn from this free training program

  • Can you handle problems in your life while keeping your inner peace?
  • Were you programed to fail?
  • When knocked down, can you get up?
  • When you don’t know, it hurts!
  • Three groups of people: Which are you?

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Testimonials “I was unknowingly trapped in patterns of belief that resurfaced again and again. I did not realize that discovering these core beliefs and deciding to change or modify them would result in freeing me from patterns that were no longer serving me. I highly recommend this… It is a life changer!” B. K. CO, USA More...
Testimonials “The assignments you gave me that dealt with my personal/spiritual life, definitely has given me the courage, support and confirmation I needed to go forward… Thank you for your gift of insight, encouragement, and compassion.” R.D. NY, USA. More…
Our proven system will help you:

  • Live life fully without compromising your spiritual values
  • Become the agent for change that you seek and deserve in your life
  • Change negative programs that continually sabotage your happiness and well-being
  • Heal your past and reestablish peace in your life
  • Handle events in your life appropriately without losing your inner peace
  • Be yourself without feeling guilty about it
  • Stop conflicts from stealing your happiness
  • Drop your limiting beliefs and reclaim your spirituality
  • Overcome your phobias and hang ups
  • Live a life of integrity without being a doormat

Tom’s Purpose: I help spiritual minded people avoid the blame, shame and guilt game while enabling them to respond appropriately to events in their life without compromising their spiritual values or losing their inner peace.

Who is Tom Wakechild? Tom is the author of A Course in Miracles for Dummies, A Course in Miracles mentor, ACIM coach, a certified life optimization coach and a founding member of IMPACT.

Our Mission:To help self-motivated people learn to control, manage and eliminate their fears so that they are empowered with a new creative mindset to live richer, fuller, happier, self-directed lives. Our proven system will help you:

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“There are 3 kinds of people in the world:.Those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. • Those that WATCH Things Happen. • and Those that SAY “What Happened?” As your mentor, I can help you MAKE things happen in your life. You can assume responsibility for your life and reclaim the truth about who you really are. Yet, you can only build it, if you begin. Begin today

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