Tom Wakechild - Mentor for Fearless Awakening

About your mentor and coach Tom Wakechild

Tom Wakechild could be considered a practical modern day mystic. His practical mysticism has served him well in both the business and spiritual arenas. Mr. Wakechild has been a long time student and teacher of both Eastern and New Age philosophy and numerous self-help programs. For over 30 years, he has been a teacher, instructor, and counselor for individuals seeking balance in their lives, yet, he has also run a successful business consulting firm for over 20 years. Tom is a certified coach in life optimization. Tom’s current mentoring and coaching goals are to help self-motivated people control, manage and eliminate fear in their lives by empowering them with a new paradigm for viewing their world. By adopting this new creative mindset, Tom’s coaching and mentoring clients are better able to manage their daily activities and live rich, full and happy self-directed lives. He is the author of numerous articles, programs and courses on self development and spiritual awakening. Mr. Wakechild is an expert on A Course in Miracles and is the author of A Course in Miracles for Dummies, a 2 volume set.

Tom Wakechild states. “All my life, I have felt like the Holy Spirit was preparing me for something. Preparing me for what? I did not know? But I knew I wanted to be ready when the call came. Now I know it was to be a messenger for A Course in Miracles. Now, I get to help people exchange their fear-based thought system for a thought system based on love and forgiveness. As a child, I was constantly in fear and I can tell you it was no fun. Fear does not have to dominate anyone’s life. Now I want to help people experience what it’s like to live a life without fear.”


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