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General Information About our 1-on -1 Mentoring & Coaching Programs

Mentor’s purpose: I help self-motivated people control, manage and eliminate their fears so that they are empowered with the creative mindset to live richer, fuller, happier self-directed lives. My goal is to help you awaken to the truth about who you really are. I seek your personal transformation, not just better utilization of your perceived attributes.

What will the individual mentoring program cover? Because this is one-on-one mentoring sessions, you decide in which direction you want to take the program. It can be about a particular problem, a difficult relationship, coping with everyday worldly experiences or seeking clarity about your spiritual path. I aim to make this a practical, hands on, how to program rather than deal only with the theoretical and esoteric levels. It is easy to maintain your inner peace on a mountain top, but can you do it around people? That is where the rubber meets the road and that is the arena that we will be working on. To help insure that we are both comfortable with the direction you wish to explore, each perspective applicant will be required to complete a detailed application / questionnaire about their background and what they hope to achieve from their program. This application process is design to do two things. First, is to begin or continue your awakening process. The second is to help me understand your world so I can assist you in moving forward to a new life in which fear no longer rules you.

Who the program is not for. I only want to work with self-motivated people. I am not interested in working with people who were not willing to pay the price that is necessary to make major progress towards achieving inner peace in this lifetime nor people who are not willing to take responsibility for how they view their world. Although this may seem harsh, I want to work with people, who are truly willing to make changes in their current lives so that they can discover who they really are. I’m not interested in working with the dabblers or those who expect instant results with little or no effort on their part. If you’re not willing to look at your own egoic self-talk and default beliefs, if you’re not committed to doing the work that is necessary to make real changes in your life, this coaching and mentoring program is not for you.

Although this may sound mean-spirited on my part, let me assure you that these sessions will be conducted in a most loving, compassionate and caring manner. But I don’t want to work with people who feel it’s okay to remain in first grade for the next twenty years. Most parents agree that one year should be adequate time for their child to be in first grade. After all, that is why first grade desks are so small. You are not expected to fit in those tiny desk when you are 26 years old! That why they do call it first grade.

Who the program is for: There has never been anything wrong with you. God didn’t make any junk. You are perfect, whole and complete. If you don’t feel that way, you need to look at your plan. If there is nothing wrong with you, and I assure you this is the case, then there must be something wrong with your plan. You need a new plan. You are suffering from a case of stinking thinking. You need a mental enema to flush out all the misinformation and negative programming you have absorbed during your lifetime. You need a new plan.

So what will this new plan entail? Well, first of all, you will need to stop taking yourself so seriously. You’ll need to lighten up on yourself, to view this world as a playschool for learning and for having fun. You need to stop the blame, shame and guilt game, move out of judgment and into forgiveness. You need a new paradigm for who and what you really are. You are unlimited spirit, a child of God, free from all limitations, safe, whole and healed. Free to forgive and free to save your world. But in order to do this, you need to realize that your world of individuated perception is a reflection of you. Your world and my world are not the same world. Good people commend themselves to hell on a daily basis because they believe that it is their duty to save someone else’s world. It’s not your world. It’s theirs. Each can only save their own world.

So who are you anyway? Our goal will be to help you reawaken to the truth of who you really are. I will support you in your quest while never making you wrong. Errors need correction, not punishment. If you do not like what you have currently called into your awareness, we merely need to recognize the learning opportunity that the experience provides and choose differently. When you find yourself in a situation you find distasteful, a good question to ask would be, “What would I have to believe about myself to call this experience into my life?” Your beliefs determine what you are experiencing. Only when you discover what beliefs are holding you back, can you take steps necessary to change them.

My promise to you is this: We are all exactly where we need to be. Each is at the perfect place, the perfect time and on the perfect journey that each needs. We have all the time we need and we are all going to make it. I will honor your journey and help you maximize your growth process by helping you change your perception about your world, your brother, your God and yourself. If you don’t like your current situation, I will ask you to choose differently. You can save years and many lifetimes in your awakening process. Rather than change your world, we will focus on how you view your world. When you change how you view your world, your world must automatically realign to your new way of thinking. We will work within your world, which is your mind and its accompanying belief system. It is your fear-based thought system that is the source of all pain, conflict and misery in your life. Since your thought system is where the problem resides, this is where the correction must be made.

What we will do: We will be engage in spiritual mind training. Since we will be correcting beliefs that were indoctrinated into your mind over many years and perhaps lifetimes, this will not be a journey for the faint of heart. But it will be a journey of inspiration and personal transformation. If you’re willing to explore a new paradigm of who you really are, this individualized mentoring program is for you. Because of this, we will be asking for a minimal three month commitment on your part before I agree to began this mentoring and coaching process. Since this is an individualized program, it will be based on both your current and long-term needs and desires and on your current and long-term fears and frustrations. You will provide the direction of each session based on your current and long-term goals. I will honor your journey and provide a sounding board as you awaken to your own inner guidance system. This is the coaching process. Yet, I will also be a personal mentor. As your mentor, I will provide you with a higher vision, a big picture, a clear direction, insight and practical how to guidance to move you along your current path. This will help you break free from your current mindset of limitation, struggle and fear. Having a mentor who knows both the truth about who you really are and also what you misperceive yourself to be can make the difference between accelerated growth versus remaining stuck on a treadmill of endless conflict and pain. There is a faster way for your to achieve your true purpose and find happiness in this life. But you need someone who sees you in the correct light and has the big picture. As your mentor, I will hold this higher truth for you until it becomes your every day reality.

As Jesus said, “If you want to be like me, knowing that we are the same, I will help you. If you want to be different than me, I will wait until you change your mind.”

Truth just is. Therefore, we all must eventually change our mind and accept the truth about ourselves but how long will you wait. You can deny the truth but your denial does not change the truth of who you really are. So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you deserve better. This is your time. This is your place. Working together we can minimize your current struggle, conflict and pain and accelerate the growth process of your reawakening to the inner peace that is your divine birthright. When your ego argues for your limitations, you get to keep them. You need someone to argue for your self-empowerment and magnificence and that will be me.

Terms: Three month initial commitment then if both parties are agreeable and see reasonable progress we can extend on a month-to-month commitment thereafter The initial term comprises 12 weekly session of approximately 45-60 minutes over three consecutive months.

Cost : Single investment of $2400 prior to entering or three monthly payments of 850. You can pay by check or credit card.

How and Where session take place: This program is available worldwide via telephone, Skype, web-cam or internet conferencing from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office at mutually agreed upon times.

How do I apply: In order to determine whether or not you are right for this program, you must first complete a simple 3 question preliminary application. Once it has been reviewed, if I think I can help you and we’re a potentially good fit, I will schedule a free 45 minute strategy session to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

If after that initial screening, I still believe that you are a good candidate and that I can help you achieve your objectives, then our staff will contact you with further details about your acceptance into this coaching and mentoring program. If you are accepted into the program, a deep dive exploratory questionnaire will be require along with your financial commitment. No exceptions will be made to this policy, since this is an indication that you are serious about achieving your goals.

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