Individual vs. Group Mentoring / Coaching Programs

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What type of mentoring/ coaching program is best for you?

Individual mentoring and coaching programs

The main advantage of individual mentoring and coaching programs is that the topics to be explored are client driven. Individual coaching and mentoring is tailor-made for the specific needs you wish to cover. You decide the topic based on your needs, wants, frustrations and fears that you wish to explore. Individual programs offer the greatest flexibility as they can be adjusted to explore the current issues in your life. Because it is personalized, we get to know each other on a one-on-one basis. Thus, we are able to delve more deeply into a particular issue or personal problem that you wish to work on. It is also private. Unfortunately, since this is done on an individual one-on-one basis, the cost associated with individual mentoring or coaching is greater than group coaching.

Group mentoring and coaching programs

Group coaching allows individuals to share the mentor’s time with others and so the cost per session is lower and more affordable. Group coaching is typically done as a fixed training session, followed by a Q&A component. It is recorded and made available for each group member’s future reference. In the Q &A portion of the session, individuals ask questions related to the general area of study for that week. Group sessions are normally associated with a particular overall program objective and the class topic for the week tends to focus on one aspect of that topic. Since we wish the focus to be on the practical, rather than theoretical, the Q&A sessions will be open to the discussion of current issues that a group member may be having in their life. One of the benefits of group coaching is that it allows the participants to listen in on other people’s questions which often are relevant to their own life. This presents the opportunity for all participants to explore areas that on an individual basis they may not have even considered. Also, the group format provides additional viewpoints for your consideration as all the participants may contribute. To help protect the privacy of the group, each member will be required to agree to comply with the confidentiality policy of the program. Since group coaching sessions will be recorded and accessible to all group members, first names, aliases or pen names may be used to help insure your personal privacy.