Registration and Sign Up for Individual
Mentoring Program (3 month minimum)

I’m ready to sign up. The initial program includes 12 weekly one on one mentoring & coaching sessions with Tom Wakechild of approximately 45-60 minutes over three consecutive months. I understand after this payment, I should submit my completed deep dive exploratory questionnaire which can be downloaded from this page.

Credit Card Payment options for initial 3 month program:

Three month 1 on 1 Mentoring Program monthly payment plan 3@ $850/month

Three month 1 on 1 Mentoring Program Single payment of $2400

A Continuity Program is available after the completion of the initial 3 month term. These four additional sessions will be approximately 45-60 minutes of one on one mentoring & coaching with Tom Wakechild. The cost is a single payment of $800 for the 4 additional sessions.

Continuity Program for 1 on 1 Mentoring (Single pay $800 for 4 additional Session)

Special Order Payment

You can also pay directly with personal check to:

Tom Wakechild

56854 Breezy Lane

Yucca Valley, CA , USA 92284

Click the link below to Download your Deep Dive Exploratory Questionnaire for Individual One on One Mentoring Program.

Download Deep Dive Questionnaire

Email completed questionnaire to:

To cancel or contact us use the following email address: