Introduction to Mentoring Programs for Fearless Awakening


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Introduction to Mentoring  Programs for Fearless Awakening

 Hi, I’m Tom Wakechild your mentor, coach and guide to fearless awakening. I help self-motivated people control, manage and eliminate their fears so that they are empowered with the creative mindset to live rich, full, happy self-directed lives. My personal goal is to awaken you to the truth about who you really are. If you join any of these individual or group mentoring programs, I will working with you to build new frameworks that will help you handle both current problems and past blocks that have kept you from advancing up the ladder towards success. These mentoring programs are designed to be practical how to guides that help you move to the next level of your life. These are not some theoretical esoteric teachings that ignore where you presently are on your journey. Nor are they some Pollyanna panacea. Their goal is to meet you where you are so that you can make the quantum leap to where you want to be. In truth, it requires no more energy to live a happy life then to live a miserable one. But it does require a completely different mindset, a different thought system.

I know I’ve been there. I’ve done it. Early on in my life, I chose to live a miserable life. I can personally vouch for the fact that it was not much fun. Yet, change is only one thought system away. Change happens when you architect it. I know. I’ve done it. A mentor is someone who has already achieved a certain level of success that the student wishes to obtain. The mentor is someone who has been there, done that, and is willing to share their experiences to aide another on that same journey Mentoring, unlike coaching, is designed to transfer skills, methodologies and knowledge from the mentor to the student so that the students path is straighter, faster, and easier because it is correctly focused. Unlike the coach, who hopes to get the most out of a person, the mentor’s goal is to transform the student and allow him to transcend heights that were previously unreachable. As your coach I will help you learn to control and manage your fears. But as your mentor, my goal will be to help you transcend and eliminate your fears. move

Fear arises any time you believe you lack the creative ability to handle the situation. If you are to eliminate fear from your life, we will need to explore and correctly answer each of these two questions. The first is,“Who am I?”And the second is,“What do I value and why?” Get either of these two questions wrong and you’ll remain trapped within a fear-based thought system with no escape.

A successful person, when confronted with a goal that seems to be beyond their reach says, “I will build that. I will become that. I will learn that and thus, I will achieve that.” A successful person realizes that just because they can’t do it now, it doesn’t mean that they can’t do it tomorrow. You can be and can become what you are currently not, by dedicated practice and commitment but ultimately by deciding today to just begin. Everyone can touch the hem of their dreams but only if they decide to reach for them. Give yourself permission to reach for your dreams.

Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them. As your mentor, I will argue for your magnificence so that you can reclaim the truth of who you really are. Review the information about our mentoring programs below and on this website. It will answer many of your questions about the details of our mentoring programs. Then if you believe that this program is right for you, click on the link below to download and complete the three question preliminary application. Once it has been reviewed, if I think I can help you and we’re a potentially good fit, I will schedule a free 45 minute exploratory session to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have. This is your time and you deserve better.

Remember, you can only build it if you begin.

Click on the link below now to apply for your free strategy session. Let’s start on your journey to fearless awakening today and I’ll see you at the top.  

Application for Free Strategy Session