The Third Path: A Personal Note from
Tom Wakechild about Fearless Awakening

Personal Note from Tom

At an very early age, I was quite clear as to my purpose in life. If awakened from a deep sleep as a child and asked the purpose of my life, I would have blurted out without any hesitation,”Not to come back.” Little did I know at that time that this goal was actually the one item that guaranteed I could never achieve my goal. Instead, it only insured that I would have to come back. For what you resist, persists. My disdain for this world and my life only guaranteed that I would have to come back until I was willing to release all of my judgments about myself and my world. In this world of time and space, the world of individuated private perception, there are three separate and distinct mindsets under which one can choose to operate. The first path is to renounce this world, yet believe that it is real and can harm you. The second path is to value this world and choose to make it real. This makes something outside and separate from you to be the source of your well-being and thus, disempowers you. The third path is to become aware of the appearance of this world of perception but maintain the truth that you are not the body but instead unlimited spirit. The body is seen as a temporary vehicle that holds your place on the game-board of experience. The body, like a game token, is a place holder that allows you to act within this current dream experience while knowing that the experience cannot change the truth of what you are. Therefore, you allow the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self, to reframe the experience to lead you back to the truth of who you really are. This third way allows you to escape your fear-based thought system that had previously held you bound to the treadmill of victim consciousness. The first two paths keep you stuck in your belief in lack, guilt, blame, conflict and fear. With this third mindset, you realize that you are a spiritual being freely choosing to have an earthly experience. Yet, you know that the experience has no ability to change what you really are. Since it has no ability to change the truth of who you are, the experience no longer becomes a life-and-death struggle that you must get right or there will be hell to pay. Instead, any experience can be looked upon as a neutral event that you can utilize to grow, learn and have fun. By choosing this third path, one is able to live in this world with the realization that one is not of this world. This world now becomes a playschool whose purpose is to give you the opportunity to have fun and learn while you reawaken to the truth of your true spiritual magnificence. I have tried all three paths. The path of renunciation only leads to your belief that there is something outside of you that can prevent you from being happy. The second path of valuing this world only leads to your belief that something outside of you can make you happy. Both paths are bankrupt and unable to move you out of fear. Thus, you remain trapped in victim consciousness. The third path is the only way out of fear for it empowers rather than disempowers. The third path brings you to the reality that nothing sources your experience but yourself, and nothing can affect you unless you choose to allow it to affect you. There are no victims and there are no victimizers. There are only willing volunteers. In this world of time and space, we are given total freedom to be or imagine anything that we wish to experience in perfect safety. We are safe because there is nothing that we can do that could cause God to stop loving Its creation.. Just like a boy pretending to be a dog, the boy’s imagination does not have the ability to change him into a dog. He still is a human merely pretending to be a dog. Like the boy, we remain as God created us. We can choose to deny the truth of who we are, but that denial cannot change the fact that we remain God’s beloved child with whom He is well pleased. God’s Will for you is that you be happy but you cannot be happy as long as you choose to live in fear. And you will live in fear as long as you believe that love requires you to fix, change, control, protect or impress anyone in order to love or be loved. Love cannot be earned. It is freely given. God is only unconditional love. God’s love flows freely to all. Our denial of that flow cannot change its reality The truth is this:

There is nobody to impress.

There is nobody to fix.

There is nobody to change.

There is nobody to control.

There is nobody to protect.

There is nobody.

God Is and You Are That One.

In this world of perception, love is the creative process in which time is utilized to reawaken sleeping minds to their true spiritual magnificence. You are God’s beloved child with whom He is well pleased. Come with me and let me help you connect to the power of this third path. It is the only one that will work. This is your time and your place to make the new decision about who and what you are. It’s time to reclaim your divine birthright. Let’s get started. Namaste, Tom Wakechild

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