Tom Wakechild - Mentor for Fearless Awakening

Testimonials : What People Are Saying
About Tom and His Work

I was unknowingly trapped in patterns of belief that resurfaced again and again. I did not realize that discovering these core beliefs and deciding to change or modify them would result in freeing me from patterns that were no longer serving me. I highly recommend this… It is a life changer!”

– B.K., Colorado

You have helped me to accept myself and everyone I meet with love and respect and most importantly, I have learned to “honor their journey”.”

-N.H , Ohio

“Tom’s helped me deal with the fear associated with my cancer by shift my thinking. I believe this redirection reduces the stress I feel and this in turn strengthens my body’s ability to deal with the disease.”

-O.S, Oregon

“You made it so simple I had so many questions and you answered all of them…you simply were a tool to manifest an answer…”

– A.A., Maryland

Your practical approach has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for my spiritual beliefs which I can now put into practice.”

  • A.M , Illinois

“I understand it better now, thank you. It’s interesting because I actually get small glimpses of the reality of miracles. I appreciate you Tom.”

– B.G, California

Good stuff! The OBSERVER rather than a PLAYER is a KEY for me…that distinguished observation from judgment. The key is the emotional component comes with judgment, observation is neutral. I’ll save this for a reminder and future reference.”

J.M. , New Mexico