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Why enter into a mentoring program?

People enter into a mentoring program because they realize that it is helpful to have someone who has been there and done what they hope to achieve. They long for the help and support of someone who has already made the journey and is further up the path. The mentor can utilize their wisdom and experience to help smooth the path for the newcomer. A mentor’s goal is to transfer their own working knowledge to their client so that they can achieve those same results without all the trials and tribulations of their mentor. Often, you need someone who is beyond your own level of expertise to provide the guidance and direction so that you can enjoy their results and avoid their pitfalls. You do not have to go through the learning process without guidance, help and support. When you have a mentor, you no longer are alone on your journey. You now have an experienced guide to assist you. Someone, who can get you unstuck and offer alternatives that allow you to break out of your comfort zone. One “Ah Ha” moment can give you the insight that allows you to make a quantum leap up your path. This can literally save you untold years of struggle, conflict and pain. Studies have shown that success rates for training programs are 80% better if it is followed up by coaching. Our mentoring / coaching programs help tip the scale in your favor.

Here’s a question to ask yourself.

Are you satisfied with the current progress of your journey? <Or> Do you think you can do better?

Aren’t you tired of attempting to making the journey alone without a competent guide in your corner?

<Or> Would you prefer to have someone whose primary concern is helping you find your way home?

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, make a new choice and take the steps necessary to move into the winners circle.

What is your mentoring /coaching program?

Your mentoring program provides regular conversations between us, where I can help you clarify and express the results that you want to create in your life and then help you facilitate getting those same results. Having a coach who can also serve as your mentor brings a unique combination of skills that allows me to be a partial advisor, a sounding board, a manager and a strategist while also being a cheerleader and someone who has a vested interest in holding you accountable so that you achieve those desired results.

How does the mentoring /coaching program work?

My mentoring programs are done normally by phone, web cam or online. Each session is normally one hour per week unless special arrangements are made. Both individual and group coaching / mentoring are available. As your coach, I will always have your best and highest interest as my primary concern. I will help you learn to control, manage and even eliminate fear in your life. I will provide unconditional acceptance and positive support in a confidential environment with the belief that you are on your own perfect path and that my job is to help you facilitate getting in touch with your own inner guidance system and then empower you to take action based on that knowledge. As your mentor, someone who has been there, done that and achieved success in that area of expertise that you seek, I will be providing you insight, training and practical skills that allow you to move up the ladder towards your goals. As your mentor, I will seek to instill within you, a grander vision of who and what you are. Without that transformational vision, you cannot hope to eliminate fear in your life. As a mentor, my goal is to transfer to you, my own skills and experiences so that your learning curve is accelerated. Since personal issues often act as blocks to the teaching, transferring and skill development that you seek, we will address your personal demons. Yet, during this process, I will honor your journey towards your own self- empowerment, self-reliance and reawakening to the truth of who you really are. I will hold the truth that you are the creator of your experience and that you are more than just a ego-body in competition with other ego- bodies for limited resources that you believe you need in order to survive. Instead, I will help empower you as the decision-maker of your own life’s experiences to take responsibility for your world of private individuated perception and encourage you to reclaim your divine birthright. Instead of making you wrong or guilty for past decisions, I will merely ask what lessons can you learn from these experiences. Since experiences are the result of your beliefs and what you value, we will unlock your default beliefs and examine if they currently serve you. If not, we must elect to correct those beliefs and then we will work on a new alternate reality that you want. With the past no longer being a recurring source of blame and guilt, you are now free to integrate the lesson of the past and choose a new experience, thus, laying the foundation for a different tomorrow.

What if ? 

What if you belonged to a mentoring /coaching program that changed and transformed how you viewed your world? Would that make a difference in your life?  To find out ask yourself the following questions. “What if…?”

What if your current beliefs about guilt, limitations and fear no longer had a home in your mind? How would that change your life?

What if you were truly able to forgive and forget?

More importantly, what if you were able to forgive yourself for what you perceived to be the many times you felt you let yourself or others down? Good people condemn themselves to a living hell because they can’t forgive themselves for what they perceive to be their failure to save, fix, change or control another.

What if you were able to realize that everyone is free to choose their own path and, therefore, each is responsible for their own life choices? <And>  What if everybody’s path was the perfect path for them?  Thus, you would no longer have to save them nor make them wrong for their decisions about their own perfect yet different path. Instead of having to fix someone else, you could just concentrate on your own reawakening. The greatest service you can provide the world is to develop and be a better you. Until you can really love yourself, you remain incapable of truly loving anyone else.

What if instead of believing that you were not lovable or that love had to be earned, you believed you were God’s beloved child with whom He is well pleased?

What if your God of fear and judgment was transformed into a God of unconditional love?

What if you no longer believed that you were a victim of outside forces beyond your control? <And> Instead, you knew you were the sole creator of all that you experienced and that it was your mind that chose what experiences it would call into its awareness?

What if instead of this world being a life-and-death struggle, this world was merely a playschool for you to learn and have fun?

What if you had all the time you needed and everybody was guaranteed to win?

What if instead of being an ego body in competition with other ego bodies, you are unlimited spirit, a child of God, free to be or imagine anything you wanted in perfect safety because there was nothing you could do that could force God to stop loving you?

What if instead of believing that the future will be like the past, you now realized that the past had no ability to bind you and that you are totally free to choose a different path?

What if instead of believing that happiness came from something outside yourself, you realized that happiness was an inside job?

What if instead of perceiving people and the universe as out to get you, you now viewed your universe as a supportive place whose only purpose was to provide you with the experiences that you desire?

What if instead of believing that you’re not as good as someone else, you believed that you too could develop the skills you need to obtain your desires?

The people who get on in this world are not necessarily the most talented but they are the ones that are willing to say , “If I don’t have the skills that I need to achieve my goal, I will build or buy the tools I need. I will study. I will learn. I will practice until I have the skills I need to be that one who can achieve my goal.” They are the ones who dare to take charge of their lives and make the conscious decision to be proactive in achieving their goals. What if you were that person?

You can be. You deserve better. Make the choice today to be that proactive person. And I’ll see you on the other side of the mountain.

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Application for Free Strategy Session